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Prep Cook

Responsibilities include:

• Food prep, cooking, and cleaning tasks to ensure the kitchen remains efficient in creating and delivering food for guests.
• A working knowledge of all ingredients and preparation used on the menu
• Getting workstations in order (mis en place) prior to the opening of the restaurant each day and continuing to do so throughout the day
• Cleaning workstations throughout the day/night and prior to the closing of the restaurant
• Completing all tasks, in order, that is on the prep list provided by the Sous Chef/Chef
• Labeling and stocking all ingredients on easily accessible shelves
• Following the recipes as taught by the Sous Chef/Chef
• Proper knife-handling skills
• Proper use of all kitchen equipment
• Washing, chopping, and sorting ingredients
• Measuring quantities of seasonings and other cooking ingredients
• Parboiling food, reducing sauces, and starting the first steps in various dishes
• Sautéing, roasting, and braising
• Adhering to all relevant nutrition and sanitary regulations and standards
• Keeping track of ingredient inventory and collaborating with the other kitchen and management staff to order and re-supply
• Maintain a calm and professional demeanor while taking directions from the Sous Chef/Chef
• Demonstrate an eagerness to learn and to teach other newer prep cooks


• At least 1 year of experience working as a Prep Cook in a full-service restaurant
• Ability to stay calm and positive under pressure
• Ability to communicate clearly with other Cooks, Chefs, Managers, and Team Members
• Ability to stand or walk for long periods of time

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